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MnDOT Haul and Detour Routes – Impacts on Local Roads

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  06/04/2021


MnDOT currently develops agreements with local agencies to temporarily use local roads for haul roads or detour routes using, “Cost Participation for Cooperative Construction Projects and Maintenance Responsibilities between MnDOT and Local Units of Government.” The compensation resulting from current methodology does not appear to be adequate from a local perspective. Methodology has not been updated and local agencies are investing more local property and sales tax dollars into their systems beyond the gas tax. This research will: synthesize the past and current information, work with stakeholders to develop an agreed upon approach for measuring and assessing road life consumed and determine “equivalent compensation,” and develop a web-based program for state, cities, and counties to use to uniformly assess and compensate for local road authorities from use as MnDOT Haul and Detour routes.

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