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TRS-360 Point Cloud Technology

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  08/26/2019


This project includes reviewing existing research and technologies and also leveraging relationships with technology companies and other Department of Transportations (DOTs) to determine the state of the industry. A survey was sent to agencies that own buildings to gather information on how building owners are utilizing and/or planning to utilize scanning technology to document existing facilities. This technology can be used to digitally document both building sites and exteriors, and also building interiors. The technologies include hardware such as drones, cameras, lidar, and lasers. Software is available to process the data into deliverables and cloud platforms exist to share this information across project teams. This report reviewed the existing state of technologies and identified possible solutions that can be implemented into project workflows. The technology review and literature review revealed a relatively new, but tested technologies to meet MnDOT's goals of improving data reliability and saving project costs. A survey of other agencies suggests the technology has not been widely adopted but, that there is interest in implementation.

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