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Effectiveness of Teenage Driver Support System (TDSS) on Reducing Traffic Violation Behaviors for Teenage Drivers at the Early Time of Licensure

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  02/18/2020


In an effort to reduce risky driving among novice teenage drivers, a cohort of approximately 300 drivers (Mean age=16) were recruited and monitored over a 12-month period after licensure, to collect their real-time driving performance data using the Teen Driver Support System (TDSS), a project funded by Minnesota DOT. Preliminary analysis of the TDSS project also suggests that approximately 10% of these drivers reported involvement in a crash, traffic citation, and/or ticket, during the study period within each of the three experimental groups (i.e., control, interface-only and interface plus parents). However, whether, and to what extent, the TDSS affected these traffic violation and risky driving outcomes, during and after the treatment period, are yet to be known. Therefore, this investigation will focus on 1) collecting information on these drivers self-reported driving behaviors, driving attitudes, sensation seeking and perceived risks in a cross-sectional approach; and 2) collecting the traffic violation and crash outcomes from Minnesota DPS since they were recruited into the TDSS project. The outcome of the study is expected to better inform the long-term effectiveness of in-vehicle support system as well as promote future implementations to a broader range of driver populations.

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