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Sign Retroreflectivity - A Minnesota Toolkit

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  04/02/2010


The Minnesota LRRB has developed a Sign Retroreflectivity Toolkit that is designed to provide local governments, especially small cities and townships, with guidance on FHWAs sign retroreflectivity deadlines as well as resources they can use to meet these deadlines. This toolkit focuses primarily on FHWAs first deadline: By January 2012: Agencies must establish and implement a sign assessment or management method to maintain minimum levels of sign retro reflectivity. The toolkit includes a variety of resources: a) County Letter - Letter to be sent by County Engineers to small local agencies within their county, to notify them of requirements and resources; b) Other Agency Letter - Letter to be sent by other agencies as a follow-up to the County letter, to stress the importance of addressing FHWA requirements; c) MN MUTCD Requirements; d) Summary of FHWA guides: Methods for Maintaining Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity and Know Your Retro2007. There are 3 appendices: Appendix A: Examples of Sign Inventory/Inspection Forms, Appendix B: Examples of Sign Inspection/Replacement Policies/Procedures, and Appendix C: Examples of Sign Management Agreements. The letters provided in this report can be downloaded from the LRRB website in electronic Microsoft Word format, so that agencies can edit them for their specific situation.

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