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Vehicle-Mounted Debris Removal Tool

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  12/08/2020


This project aims to adopt a create and mount a debris clearance device to FIRST freeway service patrol (FSP) pickup trucks. (FIRST trucks must also have push-bumpers for clearing stalled vehicles from the traffic lane, which precludes mounting plows.) This overall concept is based off of two devices created by the Missouri DOT, following the death of a worker, who was struck and killed while removing roadway debris. The Missouri DOT devices are JAWS (Julie's Automated Waste Removal System) and Swiper. The JAWS device is a drop-down skid plate under the engine block to capture debris while the Swiper is a drop-down plow that mounts behind the push bumper. Both types are in operation in St. Louis and Kansas City. The project will look at both styles of clearance device to evaluate the overall usefulness, cost (initial and life time), and what is needed to adapt and install onto a MnDOT FIRST pickup truck, as well as MnDOT's unique challenges such as extreme cold, salt, and higher snow amounts. The project will also look at feasibility of designing, producing, and mounting of the devices in-house vs. contracted. And if there are areas to improve upon the Missouri DOT design or create a new device. The overall cost of these devices may also make them attractive to install on other MnDOT maintenance units that respond to debris calls.

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