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Pavement Markings - Wet Retroreflectivity Standards

ImageStatus:  Complete
Report Date:  04/14/2020


Reflective pavement markings, especially centerline and edge lines, give drivers a continuous stream of information about the size and location of the vehicle lane. Markings need to be visible during the day, at night and in both dry and wet conditions. Wet-night conditions reduce the retroreflectivity of pavement markings considerably, increasing the risk of run-off-road crashes. Better materials for pavement markings have been developed, but drivers' visibility needs and new pavement marking effectiveness have not been definitively determined. This project considered previous research and conducted its own human factors research with 43 participants on a closed test track to learn about driver visibility needs, as well as the minimum level of pavement marking retroreflectivity that would meet those needs. MnDOT will use the results to create new specifications.

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