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TRS: Public Education on Automated Driver Assist Systems

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  01/13/2024


Most new vehicles sold in the last few years include some level of ADAS, and the use of ADAS in personal vehicles is expected to expand. If used appropriately, these systems have many potential safety benefits. However, drivers’ awareness of their vehicles’ ADAS and how it is applied varies. While some automobile dealerships provide ADAS education when a new car is purchased, this educational practice is not widespread. Recognizing this gap in public awareness, the CAV-X Office is considering launching an effort to educate the public on ADAS and how it is applied in personal vehicles. Before undertaking this public education campaign, the office is seeking information about the possible efforts of other state DOTs and organizations such as universities, nonprofit organizations, original equipment manufacturers and departments of public safety to educate the public about this relatively new technology. Knowledge of other organizations’ efforts will help the CAV-X Office avoid duplication and learn from the educational programs and practices of other organizations.

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