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Improve Traffic Volume Estimates From MnDOT's Regional Traffic Management Center

  • Loop detectors are installed in the pavement and incorporated into the system through complex electrical connections. Traffic flow data is collected every 30 seconds and sent to the RTMC.
  • The new system displays the range of loop detector functionality for each day

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  02/10/2020


MnDOT's Regional Transportation Management Center collects traffic flow information every 30 seconds from more than 7,800 traffic detectors in Twin Cities area freeways. Data are sent to MnDOT Traffic Forecasting and Analysis (TFA), where the information is used to determine the annual average daily traffic (AADT) count, which is the basis for essential planning and decision-making. Previously, TFA had no easy way to determine the accuracy of that information. Determining whether a loop detector was malfunctioning was a long and tedious process. A new system provides TFA professionals with a daily health level report for all detectors in the area so they can quickly and easily determine which detectors are providing accurate information and which are in need of repair.

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