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TRS: High Friction Surface Treatments

TRS ImageStatus:  Complete
Report Date:  03/23/2018


MnDOT and local transportation agencies in Minnesota are considering the use of a high friction surface treatment (HFST) as a safety strategy. HFST is used as a spot pavement surfacing treatment in locations with high friction demand (for example, crash-prone areas such as curves). Using a polish-resistant aggregate that is bonded to the pavement surface using an epoxy or polymer resin binder, HFST is expected to significantly enhance skid resistance and reduce crashes. To inform its evaluation of HFST for possible use, MnDOT sought information from state departments of transportation (DOTs) with a climate similar to Minnesota and expected to have experience with HFST applications. This Transportation Research Synthesis presents findings from the survey, including information about the number and location of installations, the materials used in surface treatments, the durability of HFST and its impact on safety. Results of a limited literature search supplement survey findings.

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