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TRS: State of the Practice for Managing, Maintaining and Operating Culverts: A Review of Deterioration Curves and Tools

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  12/21/2015


When estimating the service lives of culverts, MnDOT generally relies on predictions of the durability of the pipe materials with which culverts are constructed. However, because of varying environmental conditions and other factors, this method is not always accurate. MnDOT is looking for other factors that affect the service lives of culverts under 10 feet in diameter and how they can be incorporated into mathematical models of their deterioration. The agency would also like to better quantify the effects of repairs. This Transportation Research Synthesis includes a literature review on the state of the practice for managing, maintaining and operating culverts, in particular the effects of maintenance activities on culvert deterioration; and results of phone interviews with representatives at state departments of transportation concerning their methods for tracking culvert deterioration. Results show that most states do not use deterioration models for culverts and have not quantified the effects of maintenance on culvert service life.

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