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Multi-Method Investigation of Pedestrian Safety Impacts of Right-Turn Lanes

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  06/25/2021


Dedicated right-turn lanes reduce traffic delays on urban roads and typically results in a reduction in motor vehicle crashes for both urban and rural roadways, although the magnitude of the crash reduction is greater for rural compared to urban roadways, and unsignalized intersections compared to signalized intersections. However, the safety impact of dedicated right-turn lanes on pedestrian safety is relatively understudied. The objective of the study is to more clearly determine the consequences to pedestrian safety posed by the features of conventional right-turn lanes. The safety consequences to pedestrians will be assessed looking at available research, crash data, and observable human behavior in right-turn lanes both on urban roads in Minnesota and in a safe, simulated environment. This study will add value by fostering livable communities by determining the trade-off between efficiency in traffic flow with right-turn lanes versus the potential risk to pedestrian safety and lives.

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