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Techno-Economic Analysis of Implementing Hybrid Electric Utility Vehicles in Municipal Fleets

Image from PresentationStatus:  Complete
Report Date:  08/20/2020


Utility vehicle data will help managers of municipal and local vehicle fleets determine the benefits of using hybrid and conventionally powered vehicles in fleets. For urban stop-and-go uses, hybrid powertrains offer greater fuel economy than conventional, gasoline-powered pickups and SUVs. For rural uses that include significant highway or arterial use, conventionally powered vehicles remain more cost-effective; while hybrids offer slight fuel economy improvements, purchase prices favor conventional vehicles at this time. Overall, plug-in hybrids offer the greatest fuel economy benefits. Hybrid use in winter produces improved cold weather fuel economy, possibly due to lower driving speeds and regenerative braking technologies. Extended idling and aggressive driving increase fuel consumption noticeably.

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