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Generating Traffic Information from Connected Vehicle V2V Basic Safety Messages

  • A line drawing shows the three parts of the data system that a traffic state estimator based upon Basic Safety Messages would require to be used for traffic management: collection, transmission and processing.
  • A highway map shows the position of radar sensors as red dots and the areas each radar unit covers as colored overlapping rectangles.
  • Image from presentation

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  04/19/2021


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed a regulation that all new cars be required to broadcast a basic safety message (BSM) that conveys cars’ position, speed and acceleration. Such future vehicle-to-vehicle communications will enhance highway safety and also potentially give MnDOT’s Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) significantly more reliable real-time data for traffic operations. Researchers developed a traffic state estimator that will be able to use data from future BSMs instead of information from less accurate loop detectors and highway cameras to convey the real-time state of traffic on highways. As more cars use BSMs, the data of hundreds of thousands of vehicles will allow RTMC to more efficiently manage traffic, increasing safety and saving time and money. The project is a step for MnDOT toward the effective use of data from the coming connected vehicle reality.

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