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Pervious Concrete Cells on MnROAD Low Volume Road

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  12/22/2011


Local agencies are interested in pervious pavements ability to reduce storm water runoff by allowing direct infiltration through the pavement structure. However, concerns about the ability of pervious pavements to perform in Minnesota's extreme climate, maintenance needs, and effect on groundwater quality needed to be understood. This report includes the design, construction, and early performance of three pervious concrete test cells construction at MnROAD in 2008. These cells were constructed to evaluate the performance of pervious concrete pavements on a low volume road in a cold weather climate. The three cells discussed in this report are as follows: porous concrete overlay, pervious concrete on granular subgrade, pervious concrete on cohesive subgrade. This report has the following chapters, which uniquely discuss each phase of this project: research synthesis; mix design, concept design, and geotechnical exploration; construction sequence; initial testing; hydrologic evaluation; early two year performance; implementation; effect of sound absorption on OBSI; and acoustic properties of clogged pavements.

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