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Promoting the Adoption of Snow Fences through Landowner Engagement

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  06/29/2022


MnDOT can decrease the nearly $100 million spent on snow and ice control each year by implementing snow fences. Cost savings, improved winter road safety and environmental benefits can be provided by private landowners who build or grow snow fences on their property. Previous work has shown the benefits of snow fences far outweigh the costs. MnDOT provides financial incentives for property owners, and the agency would like to encourage increased participation in the program. A new project provides greater insight into landowner motivations and concerns with using fences. Investigators prepared 30 case studies based on interviews with early adopters and used what they learned to expand the publicly available Farmmaps tool, which is already used to share conservation practices. They also improved a snow fence inventory tool used by the agency and refined training materials to assist MnDOT district staff in engaging with landowners.

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