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Extreme Flood Vulnerability Analysis

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  04/11/2022


A methodology will be developed to characterize the vulnerability of state bridges, large culverts, and pipes to flooding. This effort will build upon the Flash Flood Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment Pilot Project. That project, completing in 2014, scored bridges, large culverts, and pipes in MnDOT Districts 1 and 6 by their vulnerability to flooding so that detailed assessments of adaptation options for each facility could be prioritized. The current study aims to develop and test ways to enhance the vulnerability scoring techniques used and ensure their applicability throughout the state. The current project will not actually undertake the statewide assessment, just specify an approach that could be used for it. This project will also explore how the outputs of the analysis can be incorporated into the MnDOT's asset management systems. The results of this work will be a clear path forward for prioritizing adaptation actions - a key step towards enhancing agency resilience and maintaining good fiscal stewardship.

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