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Increasing Pile Driving Efficiency for Bridge Foundations

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  12/03/2009


2009-37 -- Researchers conducted a systematic evaluation of MnDOT's pile driving formula resistance factor and investigated field and laboratory tests for predicting the magnitude and rate of pile setup. Results showed that MnDOT's pile driving formula tends to overpredict pile capacity; researchers suggest reducing its load resistance factor. Researchers also developed a new and more cost-effective dynamic formula. Setup results showed that while very few states are using field and laboratory tests to estimate setup, such methods are being investigated and show promise for application in the near future. 2009-38 -- The researcher conducted a literature review and prepared and delivered a survey to each of the nation's Departments of Transportation with the intent of finding out the basic pile driving practice of each state and expectations in each state with respect to setup. He also surveyed methods used in each state to determine the magnitude and/or rate of setup. The report finishes with recommendations to the Minnesota Department of Transportation based on the findings.

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