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Building 360 Scanning and Reality Modeling

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  07/01/2022


The ability to collect and utilize large amounts of data is transforming our world. Industries like healthcare, finance, energy, communication, and transportation are finding ways to utilize data to improve people’s lives. Processing software and inspection-specific asset management platforms are giving asset owners the ability to utilize this data to accelerate their ability to effectively manage these important assets. The Building Services Section (BSS) owns and operates over 900 individual buildings at over 250 sites throughout Minnesota. BSS explored ways to collect and process as-built data for their sites and buildings with imaging and scanning technology. The data was collected with spherical cameras, handheld cameras, laser scanners, and drones. This research demonstrates the significant advantages of implementing building and site scanning and shows that the technology has many benefits. This research project identified scanning technologies, processing, and data storage options and documented these workflows. The cost information was analyzed to determine which technologies are cost-effective and how new technologies compare to existing methods.

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