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DSRC Based Warning System for Workers Safety

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  08/25/2016


In this project, we propose to develop a DSRC based worker safety system which can provide the construction vehicle operators and passing by drivers more situational awareness about the other workers present in the vicinity. For the proposed system to work, it will be required to develop a small GPS receiver with DSCR capability which each worker can wear on his or her arm, or it could be embedded in worker's jacket or helmet. The device's DSRC equipment will periodically transmit worker's GPS location which can be received by the DSRC device present in a nearby construction vehicle or a nearby DSRC equipped PCMS. The construction vehicle's DSRC equipment will be interfaced with a monitor screen which will display the location of each worker present in the area to give a better awareness to the operator of the construction vehicle about the workers present in the vicinity. Similarly, the DSRC equipment present in PCMS will be able to auto-detect the presence of nearby workers on a particular section of the work zone, and warn the passing by drivers by displaying an appropriate sign. The proposed system could also improve the mobility of the work zone, especially if the work zone is a few miles long, by reducing the posted speed limit only on those sections of the work zone where workers are present and posting the normal speed limits around inactive sections of the work zone which do not have any workers present in the vicinity.

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