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TRS: Collecting and Managing Traffic Data on Local Roads

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  09/14/2012


In Minnesota, most traffic data is collected by MnDOT district offices. However, some cities and counties, particularly those in the seven-county Metro area, gather their own traffic counts on County State Aid Highways, county roads and Municipal State Aid Streets. MnDOT is investigating alternatives to this primarily centralized approach to gathering traffic counts. To support this effort, this report examines traffic counting practices on local roads from five perspectives: 1. Current MnDOT traffic counting practices 2. Traffic counting technologies appropriate for temporary deployment 3. Literature review of traffic counting practices on local roads 4. Surveys of statewide participants in MnDOT's traffic data collection program (initial and supplemental surveys) 5. Survey of state DOTs local road traffic data collection practices

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