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John Hourdos

Completed Projects
TitleYearReport #
Evaluation and Refinement of Minnesota Queue Warning Systems20232023-05
Guidance for Separated/Buffered Bike Lanes With Delineators20212021-12
Assessing the Impact of Pedestrian-Activated Crossing System20202020-13
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Stop Lines in Increasing the Safety of Stop-Controlled Intersections20202020-17
Evaluation of a Central Traffic Signal System and Best Practices for Implementation20192019-14
How Locals Need To Prepare for the Future of V2V/V2I Connected Vehicles20192019-35
Speed Notification System Warns Drivers Approaching Urban Work Zones20192019-21
A Tool for Designing MnPASS Access Spacing20182018-11
Framework and Guidelines for the Development of a Twin Cities Mesoscopic DTA Model20172017-10
Development of a Queue Warning System Utilizing ATM Infrastructure System Development and Field Testing20172017-20
Evaluation of Safety and Mobility of Two-Lane Roundabouts20172017-30
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of ATM Messages Used During Incidents20162016-04
Field Implementation, Testing, and Refinement of Density Based Coordinated Ramp Control Strategy20152015-37
Evaluating Twin Cities Transitways' Performance and Their Interaction with Traffic on Neighboring Major Roads20152015-09
MnPASS Modeling and Pricing Algorithm Enhancement20152015-22
Evaluation of the Effect of MnPASS Lane Design on Mobility and Safety20142014-23
Effect of Signing and Lane Markings on the Safety of a Two-Lane Roundabout20142014-04
Expanding and Streamlining of RTMC Freeway Network Performance Reporting Methodologies and Tools20142014-05
Investigation of the Impact of the I-94 ATM System on the Safety of the I-94 Commons High Crash Area20142014-19
Vehicle Speed Impacts of Occasional Hazard (Playground) Warning Signs20122012-06
Improving Technology to Alert Drivers to Work Zones20122012-26
Investigation of Pedestrian/Bicyclist Risk in Minnesota Roundabout Crossings20122012-28
TH-36 Full Closure Construction: Evaluation of Traffic Operations Alternatives20102010-04