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Gary Davis

Completed Projects
TitleYearReport #
Criteria and Guidelines for Three-Lane Road Design and Operation20232023-09
Driver Comprehension of Flashing Yellow Arrows20232023-42
Impact of Speed Limit Changes on Urban Streets20232023-22
Estimation of Crossing Conflict at Signalized Intersection Using High-Resolution Traffic Data20172017-08
Safety Impacts of the I-35W Improvements Done Under Minnesota's Urban Partnership Agreement (UPA) Project20172017-22
Development of Guidelines for Permitted Left-Turn Phasing Using Flashing Yellow Arrows20152015-27
Estimating the Crash Reduction and Vehicle Dynamics Effects of Flashing LED Stop Signs20142014-02
Access to Destinations: Arterial Data Acquisition and Networkwide Travel Time Estimation (Phase II)20102010-12
Predicting the Cost-Effectiveness of highway Median Barriers20082008-17
Measuring the Safety Effects of Signal Installation and Left-Turn Phasing Schemes20072007-03
Access to Destinations: Travel Time Estimation on Arterials20072007-35
Capacity Expansion in the Twin Cities: The Roads-Transit Balance20062006-44
Statistical Modeling for Intersection Decision Support20062006-03
Identification of Causal Factors and Potential Countermeasures for Fatal Rural Crashes20052005-42
Development and Testing of a Vehicle/Pedestrian Collision Model for Neighborhood Traffic Control20022002-23
Building Our Way Out of Congestion? Highway Capacity for Twin Cities20022002-01
Sample-Based Estimation of Bicycle Miles of Travel (BMT)20012001-23
Development & Testing of Methods for Estimating the Impact of Safety Improvements20012001-08