Linda Callahan 

Completed Projects
TitleYearReport #Researcher
Coordination Between State Transportation Agencies in Multi-State Metropolitan Planning Areas: A Survey of State Practice2015TRS1502
Benefits and Costs of Increasing Truck Load Limits: A Literature Review2015TRS1503
Work Zone Intrusion Reporting: A Survey of State Practices2015TRS1506
Monitoring Motor Vehicle Driver Fatigue2015TRS1501
Summer Maintenance Operations Reporting: A Survey of State and National Practice2015TRS1504
Future Impact on Minnesota Transportation Revenue Collection of Commercial Fleet Conversion from Diesel Fuel to Natural Gas2015TRS1505
Writing Literature Reviews for Transportation Research Projects2014TRS1405
Airspace Protection and Land Use Zoning: A Nationwide Review of State Statutes2014TRS1401
New Approaches for Roundabout Lighting to Enhance Pedestrian Safety2014TRS1413
Strategic Plans for Transportation Research Programs: A Survey of State and National Practice2014TRS1412
Joma Snowplow Blade Life Span: A Survey of State Experience2014TRS1403
Best Practice Guide for Quantifying the Benefits of MnDOT Research20132013-32
STIP and TIP Amendment Procedures: A Review of State and MPO Practices2013TRS1313
Using Real-Time Road Condition Measurements for Automated Winter Road Maintenance20072007-37
Improving the Ability of Drivers to Avoid Collisions With Snowplows in Fog and Snow20062006-29
Measuring the Equity and Efficiency of Ramp Meters20042004-37
Employment of the Traffic Management Laboratory (TRAMLAB) for Evaluating Ramp Control Strategies in the Twin Cities20032003-06S