Linda Callahan 

Completed Projects
TitleYearReport #Researcher
Work Zone Intrusion Reporting: A Survey of State Practices2015TRS1506
Future Impact on Minnesota Transportation Revenue Collection of Commercial Fleet Conversion from Diesel Fuel to Natural Gas2015TRS1505
Summer Maintenance Operations Reporting: A Survey of State and National Practice2015TRS1504
Benefits and Costs of Increasing Truck Load Limits: A Literature Review2015TRS1503
Coordination Between State Transportation Agencies in Multi-State Metropolitan Planning Areas: A Survey of State Practice2015TRS1502
Monitoring Motor Vehicle Driver Fatigue2015TRS1501
New Approaches for Roundabout Lighting to Enhance Pedestrian Safety2014TRS1413
Strategic Plans for Transportation Research Programs: A Survey of State and National Practice2014TRS1412
Writing Literature Reviews for Transportation Research Projects2014TRS1405
Joma Snowplow Blade Life Span: A Survey of State Experience2014TRS1403
Best Practices in Pavement Design for Design-Build Projects2014TRS1402
Airspace Protection and Land Use Zoning: A Nationwide Review of State Statutes2014TRS1401
STIP and TIP Amendment Procedures: A Review of State and MPO Practices2013TRS1313
Best Practice Guide for Quantifying the Benefits of MnDOT Research20132013-32
Using Real-Time Road Condition Measurements for Automated Winter Road Maintenance20072007-37
Improving the Ability of Drivers to Avoid Collisions With Snowplows in Fog and Snow20062006-29
Measuring the Equity and Efficiency of Ramp Meters20042004-37
Employment of the Traffic Management Laboratory (TRAMLAB) for Evaluating Ramp Control Strategies in the Twin Cities20032003-06S