Pavement Design Around Utilities – Best Practice

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  01/05/2023


Asphalt concrete pavement surrounding utility structure covers (e.g., manhole covers, gate valve covers, catch basin inserts) often settles, cracks, or breaks up over time. In addition, potholes frequently form at the butt joints between the asphalt concrete patch (surrounding the cover) and the roadway pavement. These pavement distresses require constant pavement maintenance work and recurrence of these distresses may be the result of current practices. Typically, the utility covers are adjusted to finished grade after placement of the base course or wearing course of asphalt concrete pavement. A relatively small area is sawcut, removed, and re-paved after the structure has been adjusted. This practice creates an asphalt concrete patch and butt joint prone to distress. Best practice guidance will help local agencies and MnDOT select effective pavement design strategies around utilities.

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