Hot Shots for Cold Climates - Evaluating Treatment of The Hardest Icy Spots

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  05/28/2019


This study will produce a characterization of the benefits and costs (labor, equipment, and material purchase) of different approaches to deicing and anti-icing, based on actual wintertime pavement application. The different approaches will be defined on ordinary or "normal" sections of roadway and stubbornly difficult roadway sections. Specific benefits of this work will include: - Discrimination between normal roadway and stubbornly difficult roadway treatments with the evidence of why they are different. - Providing direction to target treatments to both normal and difficult roadway sections that support appropriate level of service, efficient cost, and high environmental care. - Quantifying the complete cost of keeping roadways open at a given level of service. The users of this work will be all winter maintenance personnel, including state, county, and local, plus private parking facility maintenance crews. This work will greatly add to the current scientific and policy discussion around the reduction of chloride released to the environment versus the choice of keeping roadways open at given levels of service. The results of this work will provide discrimination between normal and difficult roadway sections, and directly lead to the specific targeting of winter maintenance efforts, reducing engineering, labor, and material costs while improving environmental protection through a greater understanding of the reasons for deicer treatment variation.

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