Techno-Economic Analysis of Implementing Hybrid Electric Utility Vehicles in Municipal Fleets

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  06/22/2018


In this project, we will analyze utility vehicle data and build computer vehicle simulations of utility trucks with three powertrain types: conventional, charge sustaining hybrid, and charge depleting hybrid (plug-in). The research objectives of the project will be to: 1) determine what routes and duty cycles result in high fuel consumption, 2) determine which powertrain results in lower fuel consumption on chosen routes through vehicle simulation, and 3) determine the most cost effective powertrain choice for a given vehicle duty cycle through techno-economic (TE) analysis. The TE analysis will be conducted to provide a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the impact of the hybrid technology has on lowering fuel costs and reducing environmental impacts in the Washington and Dakota County fleets.

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