Sixty-Year Design Concrete Pavement-Performance Model Development: MnROAD Cell 53 Construction Report

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  10/19/2009


The primary objective of this research study is to develop an improved service life prediction model for the Minnesota Department of Transportation's (Mn/DOT's) current 60-year concrete pavement designs. Secondary objectives include understanding the behavior of these pavements with regard to maturity, slab warp and curl, and thermal expansion. These objectives will be accomplished through extensive testing of materials during construction, and conducting seasonal load response testing under controlled loads of an instrumented concrete pavement test cell (Cell 53) built to Mn/DOT's current 60-year design standards. Load response testing of traditional designs constructed in MnROAD Phase I will be used in the development of the improved life prediction model. This construction report describes the construction and material testing done on MnROAD Low Volume Road test Cell 53. A summary of U.S. and international long-life concrete pavement designs is also included.

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