Saw and Seal Repair - Chisholm/Hibbing Airport Taxiway

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  10/26/2003


The Chisholm-Hibbing Municipal Airport completed taxiway repairs of deteriorated sawed and sealed joints on August 6-8, 2001. This report documents the construction procedures, techniques, and materials used. A field review of the project was completed on January 24, 2002. This report also documents the initial performance of the repairs. Transverse thermal cracking, followed by the deterioration of the hot mix asphalt at the crack, is a major problem in Minnesota. The pavement between the cracks is often in good condition. The area within one foot of the crack begins to strip and collapse inward/downward. It also can tent up in the winter due to freezing moisture in the crack area. Both situations require repair. Long-lasting, cost-effective repairs at the cracked areas are needed. The hot pour, transverse patch material is a newer material that is fast, economical and durable. This material has the potential to be widely used for transverse crack repair on airports and roads in the state of Minnesota. This report focuses on the hot pour transverse patch material.

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