Modulus and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Data Collection for Full-Depth Reclamation Projects

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  03/03/2021


This field study involved falling-weight deflectometer (FWD) and dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) testing on Minnesota roads using full-depth reclamation (FDR) base layers. The study also included basic backcalculation analysis of collected FWD data using TONN2010. This initial analysis found that FDR layers had an average stiffness, or elastic modulus, of 53.8 ksi and an average DCP Index of 2.81 mm/blow. The report presented these values alongside average DCP indices by location with limited analysis (more advanced analysis being beyond this field study). A more research-oriented review of the FWD and DCP data collected will be required to further verify layer thicknesses and compositions. The results of that review will enable MnDOT to better evaluate the use of DCP indices and the characterization of FDR-composed sublayers in MnPAVE-Flexible.

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