Sediment Control Log Guidance for Field Applications

  • Overtopping occurred at this failed SCL installation, indicated by the dried sediment on the log.
  • This SCL was correctly installed on a wood fiber blanket. A wooden stake on the downslope side of the log prevents it from rolling.
Status:  Complete
Report Date:  06/04/2019


MnDOT is required to prevent the movement of sediment from disturbed soil in construction and maintenance areas. One common mitigating practice used by the agency is a sediment control log (SCL), a long tubular device consisting of an outer sleeve of varying permeability and internal media of straw, wood chips, compost, rocks or other flow control materials. SCLs are used worldwide, but they often fail because their function is not well understood and they are often installed incorrectly. Researchers examined a range of SCLs to determine their hydraulic characteristics, sediment removal efficiencies and the relative longevity of different internal media. Two tools were developed to guide effective SCL selection for various field locations, and training materials were created for erosion control and stormwater management certification workshops.

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