Precast Concrete Pavement Panels on Minnesota Trunk Highway 62 - First Year Performance Report

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  05/27/2007


In June 2005, precast concrete pavement panels were installed during a trunk highway pavement rehabilitation project in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The panels were installed to evaluate the use of precast panels toward reducing construction time. Since it was the first precast concrete pavement panel project to be installed in Minnesota, it was deemed important to monitor the early and long-term performance of the system. This report describes the general condition of the precast pavement system after 1.5 years of service. The report also presents results from non-destructive testing conducted both immediately following construction and after one year of service. Finally, the report describes the condition of typical concrete pavement rehabilitation repairs conducted adjacent to the installed panels. A visual distress survey after 1.5 years of service revealed virtually no distress for both the precast panel sections and nearby conventional concrete pavement rehabilitation repairs. The ride quality of both the precast and conventional repair sections at 10 months of service was very smooth, with an International Roughness Index (IRI) value of approximately 50 inches per mile. The load transfer efficiencies of the precast panel joints were found to be over 90 percent after 1 year of service.

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