Performance Monitoring of Olmsted CR 117/104 and Aggregate Base Material Update.

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  06/25/2015


Monitor these roads over a longer time period (i.e., five years) to study the effects of temperature (freeze-thaw), time (rutting and/or stripping) and traffic conditions (i.e., traffic counts and types) on the long-term performance. Monitor the spring-thaw performance of the three base types selected in the previous study, over two spring-thaw cycles, in order to quantify the benefits of these materials under spring thaw conditions. Update the material models for strength and modulus to consider these effects and ultimately implemented into Mn/PAVE. Continue the current "information exchange" with Norway, where open-graded bases are commonly and successfully used to alleviate spring-thaw concerns, by allowing for proper horizontal drainage into the ditches and minimizing the moisture exchange between the subgrade and base layers, as the frost interfaces from both layers approach each other.

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