A Guide To Bicycle Transportation In The Twin Cities Metropolitan Area: The Processes, The Players, The Potential

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  11/15/2000


The transportation future of the Twin Cities seems to be set for traffic jams, longer commute times, and road rage. Twin Cities metropolitan residents are searching for alternatives, and bike transportation can be a part of the package of solutions. This guide 1) describes the potential for improving bicycle transportation in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, 2) identifies the common barriers and limitations to bike transportation as described by metro area transportation officials and bicycle advocates, and 3) provides an overview of the organizations involved. Management of the transportation system in the Twin Cities metropolitan area is based on a multi-agency, regional approach. The Metropolitan Council, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the counties and the cities all have responsibilities related to transportation in their jurisdictions. Important areas for development in order to make bicycling a viable transportation choice include: bike facilities, leadership, communication, planning, networks, research, measurement, partnerships, funding, information sharing, and customer needs.

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