Evaluation of a Central Traffic Signal System and Best Practices for Implementation

  • Diverging diamond interchange in Bloomington, MN
  • Traffic light
Status:  Complete
Report Date:  04/09/2019


Intersection control information (ICI) is increasingly important to researchers, consultants and private sector companies for transportation planning and for emerging technologies such as vehicle information and automated systems. Historically, ICI data has not been unified across Minnesota. In this project, MnDOT sought to determine the full range of ICI currently used in the state and how it could be implemented. Researchers created the Regional Database of Unified Intersection Control Information, a machine-readable, cloud-based unified ICI system. They also determined steps that MnDOT could take toward more effective use of its central traffic signal control system, such as mitigating traffic disruption around construction zones and participating more fully in emerging technologies such as vehicle information systems and vehicle automation.

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