MNDOT’s Mobility-as-a-Service Platform: Assessing User Behavior and Measuring System’s Benefit

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  09/23/2022


The advent of smartphone technology and the emergence of Internet-of-things have made available new and integrated transportation options. A significant breakthrough in this domain is the rise of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), an integrated platform that presents all the available transportation options and allows their booking/e-ticketing. Such integrated platform makes various transportation modes accessible to residents, a benefit that would not have been available without the technology. The accessibility to the integrated mobility options could be beneficial both to individual travelers through better mobility options and to the society through reduced vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT). This research project aims to study Southern Minnesota’s MaaS platform that is under development by MNDOT through the FTA’s Accelerating Innovative Mobility (AIM) grant. The research team will work closely with the MNDOT’s project management team and the platform development team to study the following questions: 1) How do residents of Southern Minnesota region benefit from having access to a variety of mobility options through an integrated MaaS platform? 2) To what extent does the MaaS platform help increase transit ridership thus reduce personal vehicle use? 3) How can the features of the platform, e.g., route planning or pricing, be optimized for higher system efficiency and benefits to the residents.

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