Identifying and Optimizing Electric Vehicle Corridor Charging Infrastructure for Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  07/26/2023


While personal electric vehicles (EVs), electric buses and other transit options are becoming more commonplace, medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks (e-trucks) are still largely in development. Medium- and heavy-duty trucks account for a substantial percentage of transportation greenhouse gas emissions. They also have greater power needs and different charging needs than personal EVs. Proactively planning for e-truck charging stations will support MnDOT in helping to achieve the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals. To understand e-truck charging infrastructure needs and barriers, researchers analyzed potential electricity needs in the context of the existing power grid. They worked with a variety of stakeholders to identify important considerations in locating charging stations, and then they employed a mathematical decision process tool to understand the most important criteria. A geospatial analysis and modeling of estimated truck trips revealed the optimal locations for e-truck charging stations. While the research only considered intrastate truck trips, the results will inform MnDOT’s further exploration into charging needs of other segments of the freight hauling sector.

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