BMP For Issues with Asphalt Centerline Joint and Intelligent Compaction for Local Agencies

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  12/04/2023


Local transportation agencies generally pave one lane of road at a time to keep traffic moving. Phased paving, however, creates joints in between the lanes that can crack and deteriorate. A recent research project produced tools and recommendations that may provide solutions to avoid significant maintenance expenditures while repairing centerline joints. Researchers surveyed completed research and other state and local transportation agencies to identify construction practices that result in long-lasting joints. Recommendations focus on the geometry of joints, asphalt rolling methods and techniques to avoid joints altogether. Next, they determined that pavement that lacks sufficient density leads to faster deterioration, and they explored new technologies to measure density in real time during the pavement process. Paving projects in Minnesota and Michigan provided data that demonstrated the value of the density profiling system. With this tool, quick and easy density measurements can support better construction quality or repair processes to ensure stronger, longer-lasting pavement.

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