NRRA: Spray on Rejuvenator Synthesis

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  08/03/2020


Spray on rejuvenators, designed to penetrate into the asphalt pavement to a certain depth, can be applied to Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavement surfaces serving as a cost-effective method intended to reverse the effects of aging. Rejuvenators strengthen the HMA material at the surface to resist the detrimental effects of exposure to sun, water, and air. To achieve optimal performance, it is recommended that rejuvenators be applied to roadways in good condition as a preventive maintenance treatment. There are two major types of spray applied rejuvenators, which are petroleum-based rejuvenators and bio-based rejuvenators. The purpose of this project is to guide the research need statement for the upcoming research project on test sections investigating type of rejuvenating products, laboratory and performance testing, allowable or acceptable friction values, and pavement marking reflectivity. This synthesis includes a summary of experiences from various agencies and industries on the use of spray on rejuvenators. A literature review was performed and includes but is not limited to: the type of rejuvenators used, application rate, type of testing conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of a spray on rejuvenator, and specifications.

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