NRRA: Effective Long-Lasting Partial Depth Joint Repairs for Challenging Conditions

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  04/20/2021


As Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements age, longitudinal and transverse joints can exhibit signs of distress as a result of traffic loading, climatic variations, materials-related issues, and construction defects. Although only small areas are often involved, the joint distress can substantially disrupt traffic flow and increase pavement roughness, sacrificing consumer ride comfort. When immediate action is required, temporary repairs are often made using readily available materials, such as cold mix or other asphalt materials. These temporary materials are often replaced with more permanent materials to reestablish the integrity and functionality of the concrete pavement. The goal of this project is to provide a guide for agencies to establish an effective joint repair program. The final report reviews the background information explaining why this research was performed, summarizes the findings from previous similar research studies, details how the patches were constructed and how they performed, and provides a Product Matrix that includes installation requirements, equipment needed, along with the life expectancy of the products to compare and guide the reader through product selection.

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