Implementing CIM in Preliminary Design of Infrastructure

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Status:  Complete
Report Date:  08/08/2019


Extensive use of digital technology and new processes underlie building information modeling (BIM) and civil integrated management (CIM). The field of architecture has embraced these procedures, but for the most part, transportation infrastructure agencies have not yet transitioned to their use. Such a transition requires that large agencies move from traditional technologies and methods to new, digital technologies and procedures that make use of extensive data sharing. MnDOT and the Local Road Research Board sought to learn how state and local agencies could begin to transition to the use of BIM and CIM. Researchers explained the project controls and execution plans CIM uses and showed how CIM processes would have been used on an already implemented road project in Carver County. They showed that CIM tools and procedures would have saved 40 workdays of project development. Further, they offered many possible next steps and strategies that agencies could take toward transitioning to CIM.

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