Utility Relocation: A Communication and Coordination Process for Local Governments

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  10/20/2002


Oftentimes roadway projects, whether new construction, reconstruction, or maintenance of an existing facility, involve either temporarily or permanently relocating utilities within the project area. Ensuring that utility relocation is done in a timely manner requires coordination not only by the utility companies, but by the local government planning the roadway project, and, oftentimes, by the contractor chosen to conduct the roadway work. Lack of effective coordination can result in costly delays and aggravation to the traveling public. This report summarizes a review of recent efforts to facilitate the process of utility relocation as part of roadway construction, identifies coordination resources, presents the findings of a survey administered to county and city engineers, utility companies, and construction contractors, and provides recommendations and materials to make the process of utility relocation at the county and city level in Minnesota more efficient and effective.

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