State Aid Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation (CPR) Best Practices Manual

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  12/13/2005


This manual has been designed to be used as specifications for concrete repair of local city streets and county concrete pavements. It is intended to be used as supplemental specifications for constructing this work throughout the state of Minnesota. All standard plates have been designated as SA, which is an abbreviation for State Aid. This is intended to allow the State Aid office to track bid prices with a consistent title throughout the state. This manual was developed from existing concrete repair standards that have been developed and used by the Minnesota Department of Transportation since 1981. This manual also incorporates successful modifications to the Mn/DOT standards by the City of Owatonna and the City of Austin, Mn. This manual keeps the Mn/DOT system of labeling repairs in the A,B,C nomenclature developed in 1981 as follows; SA-A repairs are joint or crack repairs. SA-B repairs are partial depth repairs. SA-C repairs are full depth concrete repairs. For the first time this manual incorporates standards for sidewalk and curb and gutter repairs into a specification format. These sidewalk and curb and gutter standards have been successfully performed by the cities of Austin and Owatonna, Minnesota.

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