Sign Retroreflectivity - A Minnesota Toolkit - Updated

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  11/04/2014


The Minnesota LRRB has developed this Sign Retroreflectivity Toolkit, designed to provide local governments, especially small cities and townships, with guidance on FHWA’s sign retroreflectivity requirement as well as resources they can use to meet this requirement. Current federal requirement: By June 13th, 2014 - Public agencies or officials having jurisdiction shall use an assessment or management method that is designed to maintain sign retroreflectivity at or above the minimum levels in Table 2A-3. The toolkit includes a variety of resources: • Know Your Retro – Maintaining Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity (FHWA-SA-07-020) • 2014 Traffic Sign Retroreflective Sheeting Identification Guide (FHWA-SA-14-022) • MN MUTCD Requirements – Official Minimum Retroreflectivity Requirements in Minnesota. • Sign Assessment and Management Methods fact sheets Appendix A: Examples of Sign Inventory/Inspection Forms Appendix B: Examples of Sign Policies Appendix C: Examples of Sign Management Agreements

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