Development of Performance Curves for Whitetopping in Minnesota

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  04/16/2019


Whitetoppings, now commonly referred to as bonded concrete overlays on asphalt (BCOA), are growing in popularity as an option for rehabilitating existing asphalt pavements. It was the objective of this study to develop predictive performance models, based on measured performance of existing whitetopping projects in Minnesota, which will eventually be adopted into MnDOTs pavement management project selection process. In this project, 26 whitetopping projects in service throughout Minnesota were examined to determine their historical performance to date. Each of the projects were visited periodically from 2015 to 2018 to gather supplemental performance data. Based on this and other historical data, performance curves were developed to highlight the current trends in Minnesota whitetopping performance in terms of MnDOT pavement index parameters. An analysis of the effect of specific design parameters on performance was also carried out. Finally, two predictive performance models, based on only IRI, were developed for undoweled whitetoppings in Minnesota.

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