Use of Material Delivery Management System (MDMS) for Asphalt Paving Applications

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  05/18/2021


Each year, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is impacted by the large volume of data produced on highway construction projects each day. Significant time and resources are spent towards proper documentation, organization, mining, and review and use of this information. Intelligent construction technologies (ICT) are continuously being developed by industry to assist Agencies with simplifying and improving these processes along with other heavy construction activities. Efforts toward electronic construction are one of the many ICT initiatives that are moving forward for use nationally and internationally – electronic ticketing being one of them. The Material Delivery Management System (MDMS), formerly called the E-Ticketing system, was piloted on approximately 40 projects. This report summarizes the lessons learned, future recommendations, and the AASHTO provisional practice that was created as a result of these efforts. Additionally, this report details the workflow that was created to guide a user through pre-construction activities, the source process, delivery of material, data export, and the end of day activities such as reconciling of quantities and labor compliance reviews as related to the MDMS. Future enhancements are recommended to allow for MDMS data to transmit directly into Agency database systems, such as AASHTOWare Project, using REST APIs and JSON as the request body format, along with enhancements to the Veta software.

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