NRRA: Phase I Enhancement to the Intelligent Construction Data Management System (Veta) and Implementation (Pooled Fund)

Status:  Complete
Project Start Date:  02/14/2017


Intelligent construction data collection systems (i.e., geospatial systems such as intelligent compaction, paver-mounted thermal profiling, ground penetrating radar [GPR], and pavement smoothness/profile, etc.) gather large quantities of data each day of production activities. Near, 'real-time', integrated visualization and analysis systems are required so that materials and construction personnel can rapidly evaluate data and make decisions regarding acceptance. The pooled fund TPF-5 (334) "Enhancements to the Intelligent Construction Data Management System (Veta) and Implementation" was created to provide a platform for states to engage in discussions and to share information to assist with moving these technologies to the next levels. Additionally, this pooled fund is working towards addressing enhancement needs in the following features of Veta: analysis platforms, management of database and project files, mapping, performance, correlation analyses, spot tests, data import, contract administration, reporting, acceptance criteria, filter operations and more. This contract is the first step at addressing a portion of features that have been identified as high priority needs by pooled fund participants. The purpose of this project is to further enhance Veta through incorporation of the following features: customized reporting; automated downloading of field data from Trimble and Moba; display of multiple maps; addition of Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) analyses features; improvements to performance, location filters and the spot test manager.

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