Assessment of Bridge Decks with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Reinforcement

Presentation ImageStatus:  Active
Project Start Date:  04/05/2018


MnDOT is constructing a pair of side-by-side bridges on TH 169, one with GFRP deck reinforcement and the other with conventional epoxy coated steel reinforcement. Because these two bridges will be exposed to the same environmental conditions, will experience very similar traffic, and will be constructed within the same timeframe, a unique opportunity exists to identify and evaluate differences in performance between them. The main goals of the proposed project are to: (1) collect the behavior information and response characteristics of the two bridge decks under service loads, (2) examine the short- and long-term durability characteristics of the two bridge decks, and (3) assess the impact of using non-conventional, corrosion-resistant deck reinforcement on maintenance needs and life-cycle cost with a specific interest in including service life-design philosophies.

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