Bridge Low Slump Concrete Overlay Mix Design for Mobile Mixers

Status:  Active
Project Start Date:  07/27/2021


Aging bridge decks pose a risk to the public. The low slump concrete overlay has historically been a sound strategy for extending the useful service life of Minnesota bridges. Both MnDOT Districts and Bridge Contractors are familiar with the product and understand its purpose. However, cracking has become prevalent in this technique even though the general formulation has remained the same. Cracking reduces service life, increases maintenance sealing needs, and increases costs. It is suspected that the individual materials that make up the mix have evolved over the years resulting in different behavior compared to the past mix compositions thus resulting in more cracking. This research seeks to develop an updated low slump mix design (MnDOT 3U17A) that dramatically reduces the incidence of cracking. MnDOT acknowledges other overlay mixes (latex modified, silica fume, etc.) provide additional solutions but desires to focus this research on improvements to the current MnDOT 3U17A concrete mix design.

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