Implementation of Pavement Management in Minnesota

Status:  Complete
Report Date:  01/01/2009


Pavement Management Systems (PMSs) are cost effective tools for helping local agency engineers manage the significant investment that has been made in their pavements. PMSs can also estimate future pavement conditions. This capability supports local engineers in making critical funding decisions about valuable pavement assets. Like any computerized system, PMSs are only as good as the data that is put into them and the analysis algorithms that drive them. Data collection, validation, and updating can be expensive. Accurate life cycle analysis is critical for making a PMS effective. However, automation and other new tools offer opportunities for reducing costs and improving the results coming out of PMSs. This report was developed as a resource for Minnesota local agencies, focusing on the capabilities, applications, and benefits of current pavement management systems used on local road systems in Minnesota. This resource will provide information to help local agencies without a PMS to evaluate, select, and justify the purchase and operational costs of a PMS; additionally, it will help local agencies who have a PMS to better use and enhance their capabilities. This report has a related PowerPoint and Brochure.

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